Qualified Real Estate Leads on Autopilot

Automated, relationship-based, done-for-you lead generation services and solutions for small RE teams looking to grow.

Do you...

  • Lead a small RE team?
  • Want to grow your team/sales?
  • Want to work on your business rather than in it?
  • Lack a quality, consistent, and scalable lead gen system?
  • Waste time on unqualified leads?
  • Lack a long-term, automated lead nurturing system that works?
  • Lack content that your prospects want to consume?

A New Breed of
Lead Generation

The real estate lead generation industry is broken. Too many products/services focus on extracting just a phone number/email and call the job done. Short-term gains, quantity over quality, intrusive marketing... not Troop!

Relationship Focused

We don't believe in shortcuts. We build 1-to-1 relationships between each lead and your brand by consistently providing them with value (relevant content) through a conversational interface.

Non-Intrusive Follow-up

Stop calling cold leads when they aren't ready to talk. Our technology intelligently identifies each lead's stage of interest and nurtures them accordingly until they're ready and happy to talk with you.

Zero-Barrier Opt-Ins

Troop's leads enter our funnels without having to sacrifice their personal info upfront enabling us to start conversations with more early-stage prospects, and gain their trust over time.

How it Works...

  • Zero-barrier opt-in, interactive, personalized, and automated
  • Names and Facebook profiles are automatically collected
  • Skip the need for a landing page or form

Messenger Chatbot

Our ads take prospects to Facebook Messenger, where they receive a lead magnet via Troop's chatbot technology (the brain of our marketing system). All leads are subscribed to future communications.

Content Platform

Our chatbot discovers the leads' interests and interfaces with Troop's content platform, custom-branded for you. This platform hosts done-for-you content for your prospects to consume (with call-to-actions throughout), as well as conversion-optimized landing pages.

  • Provide value to prospects while gauging their interest
  • Google Analytics collects data to improve future advertising
  • CTAs to book appointments placed throughout content
  • 95% open rates vs. 20% for traditional email
  • 55% engagement vs. 3% for traditional email
  • 6+ month nurture sequences, completely automated

Automated Follow-up

Based on previous interactions, leads are subscribed to personalized, long-term nurture sequences that continue to deliver content, build 1-to-1 relationships, and eventually book sales appointments — all on autopilot.

Lead Dashboard + Analytics

Leads are scored and synced to your custom dashboard (and your own CRM). You will automatically be notified when an action is required. Your dashboard also hosts monthly reports that break down key analytics and progress to date.

  • Easily keep track of your leads and monthly progress
  • Own your leads and their data forever
  • Make educated decisions knowing what your pipeline looks like

Case Study

Troop's first beta client, Lewis Ratcliff of the Ratcliff Group (Victoria, BC), closed a million dollar deal with one of Troop’s leads within 45 days. Even without the benefit of our long-term follow-up system, he earned $18,000 in commissions, and also gained a separate long-term referral partner through Troop's chatbot.

Become a Beta Client

  • Heavily discounted beta fees (little risk for huge ROI)
  • Claim regional exclusivity for life (a competitive advantage for your business)
  • Get first access to new and exclusive innovations and products that help you grow your team and sales

More conversations, more connections, and more commissions than humanly possible.

  • 100% exclusive service for your chosen area
  • 100% done-for-you lead generation & nurturing
  • Beta program discount

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